Good Ways to Save Money

I recently got laid off at my job, so now I’m making about half of what I was originally pulling in each month. Thankfully, I had been saving about 5% to 10% of my monthly income before I got laid off. I started eating out less and began eating at home more. I was wondering if there were some other ways people found that were effective in surviving the hard times with what little they have now.

One way is to get a pay-as-you-go cell phone. Another thing you can do is cut down on electricity use as much as possible. If you drive, you can learn how to hypermile(i.e. accelerate slowly, maintain safe distance, don’t speed, don’t brake hard).

Another thing you can do is get a credit card that gives you back a little money. Citicards offers a Shell-card that gives back some money… but be careful of course with credit cards.

Another option to save money is to consider moving in with a roommate.

Something else you can do is purchase food and household items in bulk from places like D-Mart.

And if you live in an area where there is a lot of water nearby, perhaps go fishing every now and then and eat the fish (but check that it is safe to eat).

Katherine reminded me: there are freebie websites where you can get good coupons or freebie