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Cell Phone Accessories

Accessories such a coat, purse, or shoes can either complete or dress up an outfit. Cell phones have almost as many accessories as Barbie does. Accessories can be practical, ornamental, or just available. In the cell phone world there are practical accessories that help you to operate the phone safely and those that allow youRead More

Benefits of Mystery Shopping For Secret Shoppers

Mystery shoppers are people who are hired to scrutinize employees, products and customer services of any organization. The benefits that they get from mystery shopping are: They enjoy doing a job that’s fun and frolic. Mystery shoppers shop because they enjoy doing that. Mystery shoppers visit not just the stores but the restaurants and hotelsRead More

Online Degree while Saving Money

How To Pay For Your Online Degree College can be expensive. Just because your degree is completed online does not make it cost any less. Education can be a budget busting proposition so here’s what I found can help! Apply for student loans. Head to your schools’ counseling office or to your local bank. LookRead More

Herbs for Profection

If you have never used plant matter in magic before, I explain in detail in the column Plants, Herbs and Roots for Prosperity the different ways these substances can be practically used in rituals and everyday practice. In brief, the main methods of using plant material to summon protection are: carrying the substance on yourRead More

Hawaii Vacation

Your Guide to an Amazing Hawaii Vacation Hawaii: beautiful beaches, perfect weather, amazing surf, exquisite cuisine, and one of the world’s favorite places to visit on a much-needed vacation. Here’s a quick tour of Hawaii with some highlights, hotel information and the key to an amazing Hawaii vacation. Here’s the secret: find an inexpensive packageRead More

Top Holiday Destinations

Spain and France are still the top holiday destinations for British tourists. However recent statistics show that tourism in Eastern Europe is rising sharply. In particular the number of trips to Poland and Bulgaria has increased significantly. Statistics from the Office of National Statistics showed that tourist numbers visiting Bulgaria and Poland nearly doubled whileRead More

How To Save Money On A New Car

The price of cars these days is just out of this world. You can figure on spending upwards of $30,000 for a family van. No wonder a lot of people are opting for used cars. Even with prices creeping up and up there are still ways for you to save money if you have yourRead More

Slash your Grocery Bills

Learn the secrets the Manufacturers and Grocery Store chains will never tell you! How to Eat Better Foods and Get More Groceries While Paying Less Than HALF You’re Paying Right Now! How To Slash Your Grocery Bill By 30-40-50 Even 90%! Guaranteed! Each And Every Time You Shop, No Matter Where You Live! Legally, MorallyRead More