Slash your Grocery Bills

Learn the secrets the Manufacturers and Grocery Store chains will never tell you!

How to Eat Better Foods and Get More Groceries While Paying Less Than HALF You’re Paying Right Now!

How To Slash Your Grocery Bill By 30-40-50 Even 90%! Guaranteed! Each And Every Time You Shop, No Matter Where You Live! Legally, Morally & Ethically!

“Slash Your Grocery Bill” was created for anyone who purchases groceries on a regular basis and would like to cut this recurring cost by as much as 90%.

Please “check” all that apply to YOU:

I am floored each time I check out at just how much money it costs to feed a growing family.
I already use manufacturers coupons, but would be open to find a way to grow my savings even more.
My monthly grocery bill is currently the second highest monthly bill in my budget. Please show me how to cut it by even 30% and I would be ecstatic!

Even if you checked just one of the boxes above, then “Slash Your Grocery Bill” is ideal for you.

Not only will we show you how to “Slash Your Grocery Bill”, we’ll also take you by the hand, lead you step by step, and show you how it can be done with savings up to 90% on a regular basis, depending on where you live.

Keep reading to see how “Slash Your Grocery Bill” can begin saving you money on your very next trip to the supermarket, or…

Scot and Dan,

I purchased your ebook, “Slash Your Grocery Bill”, about three weeks ago, and just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I’m totally blown away with how much I have been able to shave from my grocery budget.

I have been a loyal coupon user for years, and I thought I was doing well when I saved a few dollars here and there, after all it all adds up.

Now I am implementing a few of the strategies you lay out so well in “Slash Your Grocery Bill”, even my wife is impressed. I have just scratched the surface of what you explain so well, and already have seen my weekly grocery bill drop by over 35% and…

Jerry Kettenbauer

If someone would have told us three years ago that we could have virtually eliminated our grocery bills� we would have laughed right in their face.

Not in our wildest dreams could we have ever imagined:

  • Paying as little as 10c on the dollar for name brand groceries
  • Feeding our large families on a single bachelors food budget…
  • Having enough free food to be able to donate to the needy

Furthermore, if someone would have told us that we’d be:

  • Writing an amazing ebook about it to share with others
  • Taken the grocery shopping duties from our wives, and love it…
  • Be able to put a good chunk of our children’s college fund aside

…we would have had them committed to an insane asylum!

But here we are. The year is now 2004 and we have accomplished everything that you see above. And the amazing thing is that we can attribute all of our savings to one thing

We both shaved our staggering grocery budgets by nearly 85%!

Did you catch that?

The secret to our success isn’t that we saved a few dollars a week on our grocery bills. What made the difference is that we both are consistently able to shave a staggering “50-90%” from our grocery bills!

Absolutely Anyone Can Accomplish The Very Same Results…No Matter Where You Live In The Continental US Or Canada Or India

It’s sad but true…

Millions upon millions of manufacturers coupons are produced each week, and better than 95% of them end up in your local landfill or recycling center .

So why is that?

Simple. While everyone seems to know HOW to clip coupons, nobody knows how to exploit them to their fullest potential. (Yes, there is a MASSIVE difference.) In fact, we both personally use the step by step process laid out in “Slash Your Grocery Bill” and we never, ever pay more than 50% of retail for all of our groceries.

Bet You Didn’t Know This!

Most people think that coupons are distributed to help save the average consumer a little money. Sad thing is, nothing could be further from the truth.

Manufacturers coupons were designed for, and to this day are still used for establishing brand loyalty and extracting more and more of your hard earned money from your wallets. But now you can turn the tables on the manufacturers and legally, ethically, and morally slash your own monthly grocery bills from 30-40-50 and yes even as much as 90%!

5 Steps to A Lower Grocery Bill

Coupons, Coupons and more Coupons
We will show you places you probably never dreamed of to find an endless supply of FREE and very minimal cost coupons.

In fact, so many coupons, that you will need a filing system just to stay organized.
(Don’t worry, we cover that to)

Finding The Free Or Near Free Deals
We take you by the hand and point you to endless free or near free deals that you can stock up on while they last .

We show you how to stack manufacturers and store coupons that will drastically lower costs on tons of food and non food items in stores you may have never expected.

Start A Price Book
We show you how to start your own price book, and never have to pay full retail on any grocery, and many non grocery items, again..

This trick, when implemented, will simply amaze you in savings techniques you never knew existed.

How to Stockpile
Many times throughout the year, you will have opportunities to purchase a years worth or more of a staple grocery item at or nearly free.

You will need to get organized and we give you helpful pointers so your house does not look like a grocery warehouse🙂

Rebating to increase your savings
We also show you how to rebate. This is on top of the money you already save on your grocery bill

Imagine having near daily checks and refunds coming in the mail each day. (Actually look forward to your mail)

There you have it, the 5-step guide for lowering your grocery bill. But believe it or not…

That’s Not All…Not By a Long Shot

Your copy of “Slash Your Grocery Bill” also includes…

A systematic, detailed game plan that anyone can use to Slash Your Grocery Bill. Nothing is left for you to figure out. You’ll discover exactly what it takes to virtually eliminate your grocery bill.
Dozens of powerful strategies, ideas, tools and resources that you can begin using immediately to cut YOUR grocery bill down to size in a matter of days.
EXCLUSIVE access to our private site that reveals the same deals we personally take advantage of daily, that have never been shared before that will absolutely blow you away! We reveal the very same deals that other couponers use daily to slash their own grocery bills.
FREE Premier Upgrades that’s right, if we ever upgrade “Slash Your Grocery Bill”, you get free premier upgrades at no additional charge. We are here to save you money, not to keep taking it from you every now and then like other eBook authors.
POWER-PACKED pages of rock-solid, useful and completely original content�and not a paragraph of filler or fluff. We release every ounce of information we have used over the past few years. Plus we will include any new ideas we discover along the way, for free!

It’s hard to believe that we managed to CRAM so much valuable info into this amazing eBook, but believe it or not, we’re still far from done.

What Exactly Are You Going to Receive When You Order “Slash Your Grocery Bill” TODAY?

The main manual in the “Slash Your Grocery Bill” package is 100% pure content – packed from beginning to end with everything we know about cutting your grocery bill down by a minimum of 30% and depending on where you live, by as much as 90%!.

Unlike other “How to” info-products that only cover the basics of saving money, we walk you, step-by-step, through the entire process. To put it bluntly, we don’t just tell you WHAT to do…we also tell you HOW to do it.

But in addition to the main manual, you’ll also receive some very special, EXCLUSIVE bonuses that will virtually ensure your success.