Tips on how to SAVE money, and good investment strategies?

To help the not so good saver and investor?
Thank-you, I appreciate any help at all.

My absolute favorite way to SAVE is to write a check to myself and deposit into a account with the intention of not spending any of it.

It is then where it needs to be and if I have to take some of it every now and then it’s OK. I manage to save more than I spend by doing this.

I also dollar-cost invest every month and buy stock of GOOD, ESTABLISHED COMPANIES across 13 sectors. I don’t touch or consider buying “cheap” stocks. I use FOLIOFN because they do not charge commissions, they reinvest dividends automatically and don’t charge for it, they charge only $20 for 200 window trades. This is an amazing way to build wealth if you only have $30 or $40 (including the $20 monthly fee) to invest each month.

Email me, if you like. You seem like you earnestly want to help yourself and that’s the absolute best place to be when you have few resources.

Best wishes,