Money Games

Imagine the giant smile on your face when:

You’ve broken free from the pressures of debtYou’re out from under all those lousy billsYou’re saving money like never beforeYou’ve dramatically changed your financial life for the better

The tools are in your hands to bring all of these changes into your life. In “Money Games,” experienced business professional Randy Petrick offers a collection of eighty-five activities and lessons for people who are not wealthy but would like to be.

Twenty-eight years ago, Petrick’s net worth was $1,500. Today, he’s rapidly approaching multimillionaire status. By following the action steps outlined in “Money Games,” Petrick believes almost anyone can acquire significant assets and have fun doing it.

“Money Games” includes family games, thinking games, adventure games, magical games, even bedtime games All of them are simple and easy to play. Ducks, sawdust, sunglasses, and trombones have never been more fun or more financially rewarding.

A fun and clever approach to financial planning, “Money Games” is full of delightful and inventive ideas to help you escape from debt and despair.