What are some ways to save money on a wedding?

I am starting to plan my wedding and am wondering what are some good ways to save money? If you have any ideas that would help me please share! I found 7coupons.in which is an excellent site for myntra coupons. If you know more websites then please share. Thanks!

1. reception at your house or parents house 2. DIY on everything and anything 3. Have your wedding off season 4. Order a cake just big enough for you and your hubby, and have the guests be able to eat a homemade cupcakes or sheet cake. that will cut your cost for the cake down aton 5. have a small guest list 6. make everything more casual. the more elegant, the more expensive is the way it usualy goes. 7. Consider a night othe rthan sunday. even thursday can cut costs. 8. stay in the season when choosing flowers and foods 9. choose large blooms for your flowers, rather than many little ones. choosing just one or two large flowers, such as peonies, orchids or even sunflowers will cut your costs. 10. take ceremony flowers to the reception site. 11. Do a mingle reception, you will save money on seating and be able to have just snacks and a bar rather than a sit down meal 12. rather than a bar, serve wine in passed glasses. 13. ask the dj to cut back on special effects, like lighting. 14. hire students from local universities who are in photography to do your wedding pictures. or even hire a local student band. 15. see if stationers will give youa discount for ordering all your stationary from them. i.e. thnak you cards, invitations, place cards, etc. 16. by a top of the line bridemaids dress- in white. while it may not look as extravagant as a bridal gown, you can probably find one for under 500 dollars.