What are some ways to save money on groceries?

I am looking for ways to save money. What are some good ones for the grocery bill?

Use coupons, buy items that are on sale (and if you use the items a lot like canned veggies buy extra and save them for later, when they’re not on sale), don’t buy too much produce (you just have to throw it out if it goes bad), look into places like Costco, buy store brands instead of name brands, buy meat in bulk (ie the 5 lb package of hamburger) and divide it into freezer bags at home, plan out your meals before going to the store (so you’re less tempted to buy impulse items every time you go to the store- plus you save on gas). Some of the cheaper stores I shop at do not have good produce so I’ll buy nonperishables at the cheaper stores about once a month and buy my produce on a weekly basis. Good luck!