What are the best ways to save money for international flights?

Can I have some tips on tickets perferably from san diego to the philippines stops are okay. there are 5 adults. tips on ways to save. coupons. deals.

The best money-saving tips for air travel, in my experience, are:
1. Shop Around
2. Be flexible!

By arming yourself with knowledge on the route, such as A/ is it cheaper at certain times of year? B/ What’s the cheapest I could reasonably expect (fare sale history on this route), C/ are consolidators or other reputable discounters offering cheaper fares due to an arrangement they have on this route, D/ if I depart a day earlier or come back a day later to save $100 a ticket, how could I find that out, for example.

For SAN-MNL, since it’s international flight with no dedicated low-cost airlines serving that route, I’d start with these:
Farecompare — http://www.farecompare.com/fare-search/year.html?type=homepage2&departure=SAN&destination=MNL&t=r&s=r#Select_Month –for fares currently offered, up to 10 months in the future, and ratings of the fare to know how good it is compared to previous fare sales, and for easily signing up there for sale alerts to emai.
http://matrix.itasoftware.com/cvg/dispatch/prego/calendar — to see cheapest dates over an entire month
http://www.bookingbuddy.com — once settled on dates to shop many sources–including several consolidators–to see if a better offer is available for those exact dates.